Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dev - Burden reveal and Community page

Sooo busy!

Today we revealed the Burden Community page and that Burden will be coming to Steam early Access soon!

Since the last post here a LOT has changed with the game - art, story, mechanics. At the time when we decided to make such big changes... it was scary. But we're so glad we did now. The game is better for it even though it has pushed the released date back a bit.

Anywho! can check out a trailer and more info here: ,  will be updated weekly (I promise!).

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dev: Burden New screenie

A few levels coming together now. Public Alpha not too far away and the mechanics are working beautifully.

Editor screen grab - Burden - Outside the Great Tunnels
Editor screen grab - Burden - entering the Slipping Plains

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dev: Burden submitted to IGF

Burden has been submitted into next year's Independent Games Festival in San Francisco.
Not expecting much from it in its current state only because the build is a very small slice of the complete game, we'll keep updating the build with more and more content - Already have newer builds to add - hopefully the judges will leave our game until the end and by that time it will be closer to completion!

A new trailer will be in the works within the coming months. A HUGE difference from the previous Pre-Alpha footage.

The game is truly taking shape with a lot of the behind the scenes mechanics being refined and in some cases completely rebuilt. Feels and plays smooth, enough to keep the heart racing and prevent the eyes from blinking!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dev: New team member on Burden

I want to welcome Matthew Bowie to the Burden team. He's been on the project for just a couple of weeks now as programmer, has made a great impact on its development!
Gets me all excited, it really does.
Burden will be participating in the next Independent Games Festival and we have our fingers crossed for a public alpha within the coming months.
Until then I'll keep supplying new screenshots whenever possible.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dev: Burden Sighting Foreseen

Anyone going to Melbourne's Freeplay this weekend - 28-29th Sep? Burden will be there.
Anyone going to the EB Expo in Sydney 4-6 Oct? Burden will be there too.

It will be displayed at the Surprise Attack table/booth.

I hope you get a chance to see/play it!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Burden Booth @ PAX Pictures

I Huge thanks to everyone that visited our booth (and checked out the game at the Surprise Attack booth too!) at PAXAus! The feedback we received was fantastic.

Sorry for the slow updates but I've had to jump back into contract work that was put on hold prior to PAXAus.

We're very pumped about the next stages and although it's a lot of work we are excited about potentially bringing out an alpha build in a couple of months time. We have quite a long list of emails we need to sort through for the alpha too!
Many people asked if we're going to try Greenlight, we will when we believe we have a worthy build of the game, we will need everyone's support to help us come out on top.

I hope everyone had a great time at PAX, there was a lot to see and do! Here's hoping we meet again at PAXAus 2014. Until then, keep checking up on us here, Twitter and Facebook. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

After PAX Australia

PAX Australia is over! And after three days + a day of press with our new publisher Surprise Attack - my voice is a bit croaky.

We showed off an early (pre-alpha) build of Burden at PAXAus the past three days and have received a lot of great feedback from people who gave it a play.
There's many things we didn't really give much thought about until the feedback came in. For example, some path choosing for the giants to follow.

We have a lot to do, so first at the top of the list.
The game is in pre-alpha, the first thing I want to jump into is the environments. it is all place holder at this time. I have big plans on less bloom, and nicer landscapes.
Get the other giants in and functioning.
Tidy the mechanics
Make the HUD much friendlier and precise.
Put the protagonist in the game!

I was really concerned about showing the game in its current state, but it has been very worthwhile and we've had the opportunity to personally meet a great gaming community.