Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OT: I'm a sucker for glowing reviews

So, here I was working away, when I decided to peruse the internets a little and somehow stumbled onto metacritic (as I always do) with its list of glowing reviews for GTA4. So glowing in fact that it's the first game I've ever seen with a rating of 100. So I went out and bought it... trouble is now I need to find time to play it and I don't want it bleeding into my already tight working schedule... I'm just going to have to stay up later.

Back to work now~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Things are moving for 'Lylian', progress is a little slow but clear. Kind of like the calm before the storm. Due to crunch time with an employers project, and busily working on a second project abroad, leaving little room for Lylian for the next few weeks. But these are required to get initial cash flow in. So by no means is Lylian put on the side line. Designs and schedules have been refined, and marketing and PR plans have been given a twice over.
Everything is going as planned.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The big push for casual games in the wee future, my little incoherent ramble

"Casual" has been a buzz word in the game industry lately. Consoles have opened their arms to both independent and corporations to put casual games onto their hardware and distribute them online through their stores. Game portals are a huge success because of the attraction casual games (puzzle games and webgames for example) are to the mass market.
Independent studios have dominated this sector for some time, and the big companies have caught on and are designing game plans to make the most of it. This is good news, many people who play casual games don't play the more core games too often, or at all. So if there was a merge between the two then these players might be enticed to see what other games are out there.
Last I read, in 2007 the female gender filled in 45% of the online game market in America, 60% of the casual market. And these games aren't about horse riding and collecting dolls. The reason I added that last part is because they're the first thing that springs to peoples' minds when they here "a game for girls".
The reason this push is a good thing, is because it will bring more consumers into the market, for all games. Computer gaming is no longer considered a 'geeks hobby', and as the industry matures so does the player base.
A few things Casual games have going for them are: they are usually small in file size, so easy to download; they are either free or very affordable; they can be played in short stints (in a lunch break or 5 minute intervals); and most of the PC based games can be played on a computer of low specs.

Will 'Lylian' be a casual game? naa... but we are borrowing a few things from the casual types to cover as large a player base we can.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Progress on Lylian

While Peter Pettersson (project engineer) is getting himself acquainted with the Torque engine and offering his services abroad in Seattle. I'm busily contracting myself out for a cool little company in Sweden. Design doc is almost complete for Lylian, and all core animations for the main character are almost complete.
A composer may have been found for the variety of music and ambiance we require. One more thing to tick off the stress list. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's all this abooot?

Welcome, to the Pixelpickle Games dev blog blogging... page.

I'm Robert Dowling, the founder of PixelpickleGames. I'll be 'attempting' to update this blog on a regular basis in regards to our current projects, Pixelpickle, and game industry related news.

Pixelpickle Games is an independent start-up based in Australia, on it's first project. Something nice and simple first, and something we'd like to play, let's see how it goes...