Friday, September 25, 2009

Playtest of a non-Player

Last night I sent a build of the game (Lylian) to a person who doesn't really play games that much. I learned a lot over the course of an hour as he played the game, asking me questions every now and then when he got stuck.
It reminded me how much a game can be played differently from one user to the next. Something that is blatantly obvious to an average gamer (as in someone 'conditioned' through playing various games), can send someone out of their element (doesn't play games very often) to a state of confusion.

I realise I'm going to need to mix my playtest group up a little more, which will guarantee varied feedback.

Less than a month now for scheduled playtest, things are becoming serious!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Checking of the list (part2) (talk like a pirate day style)

The scalawag of a save system is complete, eventually became a checkpoint system I dare say; autosaving at specific checkpoints ya hear. Land lover's options are to either continue, or start a new game I be warning you.
Death/defeat mechanic complete, just needs ya polish on the defeat splash screen, before sending 'em walkin' on the plank, health hazards ya know.

A feature mechanic's difficulty was too high, left me sitting on the high mast with the sea winds flapping on my cheeks like a squids tentacle it did, tweaked to simplify a portion of the gameplay quite a bit calmed her down.

I'd be a captains wooden leg if I hadn't been working on the sounds over the past few nights, and ya hope to get all generic sounds done before the end of this here weekend is nigh I'd say.

Story + Design-wise, I've tried to squeeze too much in, too early, left her bloated like a whale it did. Making the game a little too overwhelming and 'muddy' for any self respecting, pacific sailing crew. I've removed a lot in the first level to be spread out over following sections, should keep the scurvy at bay for a little longer.
At this point I'm a little worried the player won't understand the idea behind activating 'figments'. The playtest scheduled for late October should reveal all, like the guts of a sea creature people say are myths and such. But I ain't yet seen no one return from such a damned place.

Friday, September 18, 2009

2010 Independent Game Festival a month to go

Deadline for IGF submissions 1st November. Only a month and a bit to go, if you're entering; times a runnin' out!

I'm hoping to attend next year, If I do it'll be my first. (A big deal when you live in Australia, you see).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress on Lylian intro animation

Having a bit of an interest in animation. Can't really get by without planning a nice little intro animation for Lylian.
Here's a work-in-progress of the protagonist's cinematic model.

Checking of the list (part1)

Final feature mechanic complete. Going down by priority, means implementing that save system. Still not sure the best way to approach it. Strictly checkpoint saves OK, or should there be a user load and save option...?

Will pick up where I left off with the sound effects starting with raw foley recordings as well.

Only a month and a half until milestone deadline.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Time Trap announce Emberwind completion

Well over a year ago, I got the chance to work on an indie title by a Swedish company called TimeTrap; building characters and their animations. I hadn't seen much of the development since then, until now. It's certainly come a long way and I'm very excited to hear it's finally complete. It looks awesome!

You can see their gameplay trailer here.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Milestone draws near

Now less than two months remain until the October 31st Deadline for vertical slice.
Let me count the ways:
  • 1 major feature mechanic needs to be completed.
  • Final section of level to compliment major feature
  • At least 6 animations remaining for 3 characters
  • Save system implemented
  • Sound effects
  • Remaining music and ambience
  • Dialogue for 1 remaining character
A few other things I need to check the list for.

Current confidence level it'll all be done in time = 85%