Saturday, September 19, 2009

Checking of the list (part2) (talk like a pirate day style)

The scalawag of a save system is complete, eventually became a checkpoint system I dare say; autosaving at specific checkpoints ya hear. Land lover's options are to either continue, or start a new game I be warning you.
Death/defeat mechanic complete, just needs ya polish on the defeat splash screen, before sending 'em walkin' on the plank, health hazards ya know.

A feature mechanic's difficulty was too high, left me sitting on the high mast with the sea winds flapping on my cheeks like a squids tentacle it did, tweaked to simplify a portion of the gameplay quite a bit calmed her down.

I'd be a captains wooden leg if I hadn't been working on the sounds over the past few nights, and ya hope to get all generic sounds done before the end of this here weekend is nigh I'd say.

Story + Design-wise, I've tried to squeeze too much in, too early, left her bloated like a whale it did. Making the game a little too overwhelming and 'muddy' for any self respecting, pacific sailing crew. I've removed a lot in the first level to be spread out over following sections, should keep the scurvy at bay for a little longer.
At this point I'm a little worried the player won't understand the idea behind activating 'figments'. The playtest scheduled for late October should reveal all, like the guts of a sea creature people say are myths and such. But I ain't yet seen no one return from such a damned place.

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