Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A small snippet of the opening story, of Lylian.


It only took 20 minutes for her life to utterly turn to crap. It was crap before, but then it became utter crap.

Lylian never got along too well with her family, they saw her behaviour as somewhat, peculiar. To the point where they felt she was mentally unstable and within 20 minutes they had her in the car with bags already packed, and checked into the Hacklaster hospital.

Hacklaster was the place you would hear stories about, but would never know anyone that actually ventured inside. It was the place for crazy people, a hospital for the mentally unsound.

Lylian woke up to a clack, the door to her cell was slightly ajar and she could hear a patter of footsteps trailing off down the hallway.

“Odd”, she murmured as she looked down to find the restraints on her straight jacket unfastened.

Carefully, Lylian peered out into the children’s ward hallway. No nurses were present.

“Odd”, she said aloud and the patient from the next room started banging against the wall which startled Lylian. The shock subsided to a craving…for jam filled donuts. She looked to the far side of her room where an empty donut box lay. Her stomach rumbled.

“Need to get me some jammy goodness”, with this as all the motivation she needed, she entered the hallway in search for a good feed.

Lylian didn’t just like jam filled donuts, no, she lived on them. You would say her lust for them was just a sweet tooth or a phase, but to watch her suck the juices from a jam filled treat and leave the dough so withered and unappetising is enough to make your neck hair stand on end. Her father was convinced it was an act of vampirism. The power she would draw from one donut was the most peculiar of all, the energy and agility she would gain is far from a little sugar rush.

She would usually think twice about venturing out in the halls without nurses care. Even though the doors to the other patients’ rooms were always locked and the only way into the next ward was with a security key. The hallway felt creepy with the sounds of moaning and the hall itself seemed to twist and turn as she walked through it. Her hunger felt stronger with each clunky step of her beloved boots. Boots she would leave on even while sleeping, afraid that someone may come to steal them from her.

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