Monday, October 5, 2009

Splicing Life and Auras. (And new screenshots!)

For Lylian, I wanted to have a HUD, but keep it in one tidy space while looking interesting.
In the game, the two primary indicators are the health of the player, and an indication of how much hitting of the enemies are needed to build the aura, which in turn activates a ready mark for when the player can activate a figment (Lylian's ultimate power).
A few nights ago I realised I made it quite complicated to understand in the early stages of the game, but after re-working the whole health/aura/figment system over the past few nights; I think it has improved dramaticaly.

So, the redish area in the above screen is indicating Lylian in full health, the blue above it is a 'faded' aura, meaning it's not ready yet. And the figure in the center currently standing upright is indicating that Lylian's aura is building with her confidence (If there was no build up, the figure would be hunched over).

When both health and Aura are at their peak, the figment is ready and can be activated.
The above image shows the figure's head move up close, the health was at 100% and they both set the blue aura above it. On the right the aura 'spills' for a moment showing the selection of figments available at that time (showing only one here).

This makes up the majority of the heads up display. There's only one or two extra elements that pop up when necessary.

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