Friday, January 8, 2010

IGF Feedback

Lylian didn't make it to the finals of the IGF competition. Seems there were a few bugs that I missed, and a prominent gameplay issue. But it was a good experience in any case, and they provided me with the judges feedback:

"The theming and storyline makes up for a very interesting game. I got lots of the same feelings as when playing the big money horror games, with a nice twist of humor that worked as a nice counterpoint to the morbid theme."

"The aura indicator should be taught to the players a bit better, I was pretty confused about how it worked initially."

"The pace of the game was just right for me."

"The character animation got stuck on my Win 7 machine occasionally, forcing me to quit the game."

"Although the problem may be simply that the game was too hard...Important lesson on the importance of easy difficulty at game start."

"Also, I would prefer moving with arrow keys..."

"- Great character design
- I do love the idea of swinging straitjacket arms as weapon. Pretty sure that hasn't been done before
- If American McGee's Alice were a sidescroller? (That's a good thing)
- Not enough depth in combat for me -- leaves me cold
- Needs copyedit
- Really impressed by the animation"

"I liked the moody atmosphere and thought at first that there would be equally quirky mechanics. When it became clear that it was just a basic slap and run right mechanic, I was disappointed. The way the story was told interested me, though, and the imagination mechanic that is introduced at the very end had promise."
--- ---

Lessons learned here is I've got to make the game a lot easier at the start, which is easy to do.
There's a few bugs that escaped me, I'll need to test on more machines.
The combat mechanic issues are understandable, as I've already planned a few things for that.

So I'm quite happy with this feedback. They're things that in the grand scheme of it all; are quite minor!

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Carl said...

I think this is great man - this type of feedback is pretty priceless. Congrats for submitting and getting some well-deserved praise.