Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brain, reset

Came home from a weeks work in Shanghai yesterday. During the flight home I had a few great ideas to implement into the game. By the time I got home I realised they weren't that great, must have been the high altitude.

I've cancelled a contract job in March (Gave the client plenty of good notice of course and they were very understanding) to work on Lylian fulltime for that month.

Minor report follows:

Website is still being developed, looking good.
New level essets being created
A lot of bugs fixed
New characters being designed

I haven't spent much time on the multiplayer aspect of the game which is seperate from the story mode, single player game. And have been wondering how important it really is. Hate to have spent so much time on something that may not be enjoyed by many. I'm a fan of coop games, but they're not much fun if it's difficult to find coop buddies to play with. For the time being it's still on the schedule.

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