Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ideas Challange... T-shirt up for grabs!

The official Lylian site will be up very soon, honestly... within a few days!
Among other things, a shop will be in it. I don't want the shop to be empty on opening day, that would just be nuts!

Eventually the game will be sold in said shop, but that's not finished yet. So I have a couple of T shirts I'll be putting up for consuming. But I need more so have set up a challange:

Idea Challenge
If you wore a garment that had ridiculously long, possibly heavily starched sleeves; what useful things could you do with these?

If I love your idea I'll create a design based on it, and you'll get a free tee!

You can either comment here, or email to lylian at pixelpickle dot com with "ridiculously long sleeves idea" as the subject heading.
You don't need to draw any pictures, just tell the idea in a few words and it might trigger some dark twisted portion in my own mind (possibly hasn't been used for a while) to think up the design.


kyle said...

It may be cheesy, but there's a saying about wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Lylian has really long sleeves...

Rob D said...

Kyle, man that's a good one. I'm certainly going to stew over a design for that for sure.

Francesca said...

If I had really long sleeves, I would fly through the city like Spiderman - casting out the sleeves and grappling gargoyles and the like to propel me along...

Rob D said...

The flying over the city theme is popular! I'm liking the grappling sleeves a lot, Francesca.