Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting with the times

Lylian has been built using a 2d engine, running on software rendering (all on the cpu) since it's beginnings. Now it's time to bring it up to speed, making use of Direct3D9 to let the graphics card take some of the weight.

It'll only take a night to make the changes, and will be well worth it; offering smoother gameplay on a wider range of user computers. Also open up to a better selection of screen effects - which is quite important for the final sections of the game.

What remains of development:

A final couple of areas to be completed
A Boss battle's mechanics
Copyedit and proofread of dialogue
Translation (although can become available after release)
Remaining sound effects and music
A whole buch of bug fixing (assumption)


BrandFeelsGood said...

I'm always improving the code for my game and I'm never finished. Be careful that you don't fall into feature creep, it's easy to do.
Finish, then polish is my new motto.

Rob D said...

I agree with you there. I've been pretty good with 'feature creep'. In fact I've removed more than I added above the initial list. Something like the move over to DirectX9 had to be done; Past playtests have found a small group of players having issues with animation speeds and in-game timers not working. Which prevented them from progressing in the game.
You are right, feature creep is an issue, and I've witnessed it happening various times while working in large studios.