Saturday, July 31, 2010

End Boss mechanics

I'm making headway on the Boss level and its mechanics, and have come to a crossroad. The most memorable bosses in games have a pattern they follow with slight deviation depending on what the player is doing around them.
This is because the player likes to learn and get a feel of what the enemy is going to do next. So through trial and error, they eventually defeat the Boss through repetition.

Another way is still with a set list of motions, but in a more random order (and better AI?). This is usually more challenging, but I'm not sure if it is more rewarding.
The animations usually offer some anticipation to give you a quick hint of what's going to happen next, which keeps you on your toes!

The battle goes through stages, so there will be three separate patterned attack sequences. And because of these stages, I can only imagine a random like mechanic to become frustrating as the variations multiply.

So, I'm leaning towards the pattern like mechanic. I don't intend the player to keep dying until they get it right however. As I don't want it to be too difficult for this first episode, it just needs to be fun!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nothing to do with Lylian!

Once in a while I get to do something out of the ordinary for my work. Here I've modeled (still in progress) and rigged up a steam train. I had some fun rigging the wheel components.

EDIT: I've removed this video from Youtube, to keep the channel focused on games development.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Should dialogue progress automatically?

At the moment, I have dialogue popping up and progressing automatically. So one character speaks, then maybe six seconds later the dialogue changes to another character's line. I also have it so you can skip through each one by hitting enter or the mouse button.

But I'm wondering if it should all progress manually. so a line of dialogue stays open indefinitely until the player clicks to progress forward.

There are certain times when the dialogue pops up during battle. I guess keeping that automated would be important. Just in areas where there is a gap in the action would require user input.

Any thoughts?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spreading the Pixelpickle love

While working on a few animations for a client's project today, it made me think of how many projects out there have a little pixelpickle animated love in them. So I counted them out, and divided them into Indie and mainstream:

Indie - 11
Mainstream - 10

I'm happy with far!

Great thing about freelancing is you get to work on the widest variety of projects. Even the different methods of workflow make it interesting. Always keeps me on my toes and forces me to try things differently.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

progress report: Lylian

All is coming together nicely. Infact the further I get, the more the game pulls itself together.

Got a bit of extra contract work coming up, so trying to get as much done on Lylian as possible now. Still have September locked in for release (but we've all heard that before).

Early September will be the next playtest, and translation into various languages should begin around then too. A special thanks to all that put their hands up for translating to their preferred language.

Marketing the game has fallen by the wayside, and I feel very annoyed about that. A little unsettling thinking the game is going to be released and not everyone and their dog/cat will hear about it.
On that note, I'm hoping to get a cinematic out, to post on gametrailers and the like.

It's getting late... best get back into it!