Wednesday, July 14, 2010

progress report: Lylian

All is coming together nicely. Infact the further I get, the more the game pulls itself together.

Got a bit of extra contract work coming up, so trying to get as much done on Lylian as possible now. Still have September locked in for release (but we've all heard that before).

Early September will be the next playtest, and translation into various languages should begin around then too. A special thanks to all that put their hands up for translating to their preferred language.

Marketing the game has fallen by the wayside, and I feel very annoyed about that. A little unsettling thinking the game is going to be released and not everyone and their dog/cat will hear about it.
On that note, I'm hoping to get a cinematic out, to post on gametrailers and the like.

It's getting late... best get back into it!

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