Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chin waggin'

Three involuntary playtesters have had a go of the game over the past three days (if you intend on visiting us,  expect to be forced in front of the test machine). Things are looking good! Still missing a few important assets but nothing vital.

To the proofreader and translators, I'll have that build to you soon. I've actually added a couple of extra lines and after the in-house playtests I've found a few minor areas need to be tweaked.

Font selecting! Man this is hard; trying to find good fonts that are both easy to read and fit in with the game, without looking cheesy. Took me the whole night last night to semi-settle on a few.

IGF, not sure I'll be entering it this year. I'll wait until the last vital hours before I decide, I think. So many other places $100 can be of good use.

Considering taking pre-orders for the game after a few people now have asked for it. It will either be through PayPal or if I can find a moment to get that sorted. Pre-orders will offer a lower price.

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