Monday, September 20, 2010

A patient lot!

According to the recent poll, some people don't mind waiting longer for the episode release. Which is great. I did promise my fiancée that I'll get it completed very soon though, so that "I can have a life again!"

There's also a few distributors lined up (they've been patient too). The game is forming quickly now. A few important elements missing still but day by day it's getting closer to a finished product.

Left to complete:

A few more effects
More sound effects
A couple more ambient tracks
Intro and outro animations
Cut scene images
Tutorial section
Figment effects
Two more Figment enemy variations
A scripted gameplay scene
Global stats
Bug fixes

OK, that does look like a lot, I know! But most have already been started.

Finally, my bottom is numb from all this sitting down!

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