Tuesday, October 19, 2010

end cycle

After much self debate, Lylian has been entered into the Independent Games Festival. Last year it was entered as one section of the game with a lot of things missing. This year it's an almost complete game (only missing some sounds, Intro/Outro anims and a few little bugs). It can be played from start to end with all its trappings.

I use IGF as a deadline; to make sure the game is where I hoped it to be at by a certain time.

It's not quite finished yet, with the above mentioned things to be added but it's sooo close to being done. I'm just too tired to be excited at the moment but at least I can relax for this moment.
I haven't had time to play a game this year. My PS3 is finally fixed but now it just taunts me. When Lylian is released I'll certainly be taking some time off development, and get a life! My oldest daughter wants to get back into Little Big Planet. But there's so many games that have come out this year (and last) I still need to play.

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