Thursday, November 25, 2010

Viral rocks!

I'm seeing a lot of amazing support out there after the recent trailer, and really appreciating it!

The funny thing I'm seeing is people saying 'budget' and 'team'. Little do they know most of the game is developed by one person and the budget is whatever I can scrape together to get some specific jobs done from a very select couple of contractors.

Here's a few links of awesomeness:

Not to mention the awesome 'Likers' on facebook and tweets on twitter. A big thanks to everyone that's been passing on the links and spreading the word.

I still have a goal of releasing the game by end of this month. I've been living on 4 hours sleep per night lately... negatives haven't kicked in yet but I've noticed the alcohol is more effective.


Yanuly Sanson said...

What's the name of the musical theme? Who plays it?

Rob D said...

Hi Yanuly, The composer is Andrew Tuppen. He created a few tracks for Lylian.