Monday, December 27, 2010

Systems resetting

Christmas has past - always a sigh of relief - and the new year is just up ahead.
2011 is starting off to be a busy one. Lylian Ep one still has an update to come out, which includes various translations and a few more distributors signed up to sell through.
Still looking into ports or a wrapper for the game onto Mac and possibly Linux. It's tricky to find something because the game is sold for so little, and it's expensive to port over.

A contract job starts early January, where I'll be creating a bunch of pixel art (I'm quite excited as it's a nice change from 3d animation and I'd like to broaden my services to mobile games). There's also a few other little contract that'll pop up here and there too which I'm excited about.
Lylian episode two will be worked on inbetween contract jobs as I need to pay the bills, keep the family fed and afford any specific contracting hiring on the game.
Also, episode 2 has a lot more in it compared to the first one, and changes made. So it's going to take a bit of work. :)

There's also a collaborative project I'm working on with a developer friend in Finland, looking forward to that coming together!

Thanks to everyone that has bought the the first episode, and those who will be buying. :D

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