Friday, December 17, 2010

Translations almost done. And Episode 2 coming along

An update for episode one will be out soon. It includes translations to Spanish, German and French!

Also, Episode Two is in progress. A balance shift in combat and puzzles will be evident, including some changes to the combat itself. This reflects feedback from Episode One and also the story's development. Exciting stuff!
No date can be made of its release at this time.


Zay-el said...

I hope there will be still a lot of puzzling around, but the combat improvements are indeed welcome!

Also, if I may have a suggestion, try to balance things out a bit better as the game goes along. Playing on Normal yields a very sudden spike in difficulty, once combat becomes heavier.

Characterization, artistry and the rest are spot though, here's to lotsa surreal stuff in Episode Two!

PS: Minor thing and may be intentional, but on the main site, when signing up to the newsletter, the automated verification message says 'Lackluster Hospital spy'. Not sure if it's intentional or a typo or intentional.

Rob D said...

Hey Zay-el, Yes puzzles are the focus in Episode 2, with combat taking a back seat. Bob will have much more involvment to, rather than use opening doors every so often.

Lackluster is what Lylian calls the hospital. Or perhaps what she used to call it before she had the opportunity to explore its darker corridors.

Thank you for the feedback!

Zay-el said...

Ah, my mistake then. XD

Sounds like Episode 2 will be pretty grand! Can't wait to see the end results!