Tuesday, March 29, 2011

POPBOT movie!

I was introduced to POPBOT by a client I worked for in 2009-early 2010. Ever since then I've been very intrigued by the images I've seen and the small chunks of story I've been told. Now, the movie has been set to be made later this year and I'm very fortunate to be working on it. Not only that, but I get to work with a group of people I highly respect in the Australian film industry.

Very much looking forward to this!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lylian Ep2 Prologue (Draft)


If any normal child awoke to find her restraints untied and cell door ajar... OK any normal child shouldn’t be in such a position in the first place. A child that does deserve to be in that position however, would most likely try and make a run for it taking their possessed teddy bear with them. This is exactly what Lylian had done.
Any normal person would say Lylian deserved to undergo such treatment as that provided by the staff of Hacklaster hospital. Then again any normal person that knew what was really going on in that place would have petitioned for its closure.

After being ‘released’ by someone Lylian called Shady, she found herself in the thick of what she could only describe as an overly staffed mental institution run by not so stable adults of sorts. This is something she had already known of course but the usual medication she received subdued her interest in anything. However, a few doses had been skipped and the nurses were not on their usual schedule. Even the walls were riddled with unsettling characters she hadn’t noticed before that lived within the ventilation shafts.
This was a doomed place, and if you asked Lylian she would have said it’s a place of deception. Using a mental hospital front as a facade. Deep down underground is a mechanical metropolis, with the sole purpose to manufacture, something.

With her imagination barely capable of keeping to itself, Lylian rides an elevator through the limb of an angry nurse and her elevator shoe.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The direction of Lylian

It's been a busy start of year, and future scheduled contracts hint that it's not going to slow down for some time. Having said that, I'm very keen to keep development of the next instalment of Lylian going. Along with various free little games that spawn from the mind of Lylian and her supporting characters.

There's a huge story that was only hinted upon in Lylian Ep 1, that needs to be dosed out in various chunks wherever possible - Dished out by any means possible.

The next instalment is a point'n'click adventure and here is why:
As mentioned in the past, combat is taking a back seat to story and puzzles. This style of adventure game would fit perfectly in this aspect.
Feedback has shown a lot of interest in this genre and I can't complain as I agree it would be something awesome of twisted awesomeness.

Point'n'Clickers have been making a comeback recently which is very exciting. Games like Back to the future, Secret of Monkey Island, Jolly Rover, Gemini Rue and plenty others have shown that the love is there.

As I'm currently working interstate, I don't have much on hand to prove progress and while I'm away from my main development machine I will keep refining the design.

I'm looking forward to showing some progress soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Being A Contractor Can Be A Good Thing

There's a lot of pitfalls to being a contract developer in the games industry - no sick leave, no annual leave, do your own super, and constantly hunting down the next gig.

Working from home would certainly be one of the pluses. But sometimes, working on site in various large (and small) studios can give a wealth of great information and learning experiences where technology is concerned. When working from home it's easy to get set in one steady mindset on how you work and how things should be done.
 I've temporarily moved interstate to work at a large company - SEGA - and finally got the opportunity today to work with some of their tech. It blew me away! I can't mention what it is but it does something I haven't really seen do well in any other game, so easily.

The games industry is slowly stepping in line with film, where contracting is the majority of resources. With so many studios closing down, and many small ones starting up, employing fulltime permanent workers is ever so slowly fading.

Having said all that, contracting is hard when you have a family depending on you. I guess I really need to get these next Lylian titles out.