Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The direction of Lylian

It's been a busy start of year, and future scheduled contracts hint that it's not going to slow down for some time. Having said that, I'm very keen to keep development of the next instalment of Lylian going. Along with various free little games that spawn from the mind of Lylian and her supporting characters.

There's a huge story that was only hinted upon in Lylian Ep 1, that needs to be dosed out in various chunks wherever possible - Dished out by any means possible.

The next instalment is a point'n'click adventure and here is why:
As mentioned in the past, combat is taking a back seat to story and puzzles. This style of adventure game would fit perfectly in this aspect.
Feedback has shown a lot of interest in this genre and I can't complain as I agree it would be something awesome of twisted awesomeness.

Point'n'Clickers have been making a comeback recently which is very exciting. Games like Back to the future, Secret of Monkey Island, Jolly Rover, Gemini Rue and plenty others have shown that the love is there.

As I'm currently working interstate, I don't have much on hand to prove progress and while I'm away from my main development machine I will keep refining the design.

I'm looking forward to showing some progress soon!


Dimitar Panov said...

I applaud the point'n'click decision. :)
I still haven't played the first game, 'cause I haven't set up my Windows gaming machine, but I imagine what a beautiful game it will be.

I haven't played a good adventure since Machinarium, and I'm really looking forward to the new Lylian! :)

Keep up the good work Rob!

Btw, I was just thinking what a good idea it would be to include Lylian in one of those Humble Indie Bundles, but I immediately thought that it doesn't have a Mac and Linux version, which is a pity.

I think that an inclusion in HIB will give Lylian the recognition it deserves.

Anyway, I understand that perhaps you don't have the resources to make it cross platform and I accept that, don't take that as whining, I'm just thinking aloud here. :)

Rob D said...

Thank you for the kind words, Dimitar. I did hope to port the game to other platforms but it ended up being too expensive.
This is why I'm using a different engine too. The next instalment will be developed using Unity3D and certainly cross-platform.

Regarding distribution in an Indie pack; there is in fact a possibility there. :)

Dimitar Panov said...

"certainly cross-platform"
You made my day, Rob. Thanks! :-)