Friday, March 25, 2011

Lylian Ep2 Prologue (Draft)


If any normal child awoke to find her restraints untied and cell door ajar... OK any normal child shouldn’t be in such a position in the first place. A child that does deserve to be in that position however, would most likely try and make a run for it taking their possessed teddy bear with them. This is exactly what Lylian had done.
Any normal person would say Lylian deserved to undergo such treatment as that provided by the staff of Hacklaster hospital. Then again any normal person that knew what was really going on in that place would have petitioned for its closure.

After being ‘released’ by someone Lylian called Shady, she found herself in the thick of what she could only describe as an overly staffed mental institution run by not so stable adults of sorts. This is something she had already known of course but the usual medication she received subdued her interest in anything. However, a few doses had been skipped and the nurses were not on their usual schedule. Even the walls were riddled with unsettling characters she hadn’t noticed before that lived within the ventilation shafts.
This was a doomed place, and if you asked Lylian she would have said it’s a place of deception. Using a mental hospital front as a facade. Deep down underground is a mechanical metropolis, with the sole purpose to manufacture, something.

With her imagination barely capable of keeping to itself, Lylian rides an elevator through the limb of an angry nurse and her elevator shoe.

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