Tuesday, March 29, 2011

POPBOT movie!

I was introduced to POPBOT by a client I worked for in 2009-early 2010. Ever since then I've been very intrigued by the images I've seen and the small chunks of story I've been told. Now, the movie has been set to be made later this year and I'm very fortunate to be working on it. Not only that, but I get to work with a group of people I highly respect in the Australian film industry.

Very much looking forward to this!


Dimitar Panov said...

Sounds interesting, and it's great that you work on projects that you really like.
You think you can share some more of these images you talk about? :)

Rob D said...

There's a bunch of images scattered about the interwebs, especially from the creator himself - Ashley Wood: http://www.ashleywoodartist.com/. doing a search for POPBOT and Ashley Wood tend to show good results. You could also purchase a book!
As far as I'm aware this page: http://www.popbotgloryhole.blogspot.com/ will be keeping tabs on the movie progress.