Friday, June 24, 2011

New tricks

Finally I'm learning PHP and MySQL. At the same time, I'm spending more time learning Softimage's ICE node language which is pretty awesome in itself. I'm learning the latter because it's so open for creating effects, rigs, modelling, dynamics - and meshing it altogether - creating crowd simulations among many other things. Awesome stuff!
But that's for pre-rendered work; film, tv, not so much games. The PHP and MySql is to further development for Facebook games, of all things.

The other focus on the learning binge, is Unity3D (using Boo, since I'm a Python fan). Multimedia Fusion 2 Dev was used for the first Lylian title, and is being used for a current flash Game. Unity3D is the new Pixelpickle tool of choice because, the next Lylian title is 3D!

This is a vdeo of Lagoa, an ICE extension that's in Softimage. It's a little dated, but still cool.

I'm taking a little more time out from game development whilst learning all this - R&D - while I take on some more contracts, that help pay the bills. Hoping to come back with new skills before continuing on with the games.

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