Saturday, July 30, 2011

Journal of a Smart Phone Dev Rookie - 001

I've finally come aboard the iPhone/iPad/Android developer scene. A few days ago I went to the apple site and filled out the application, and sent some requested information about Pixelpickle Games soon after.
I got an email this morning saying thanks for the information and to wait out, for further information.

As I wait I read up on Xcode, the limitations, hints and tips on iOS developing. I have probably clocked in 20 minutes of Mac OS use in my life (not including iPhone use), this it a big thing indeed.

A Mac hasn't been bought yet - I intend to buy a MacMini - waiting for the approval as a go ahead.

About a year ago a license to be an Android developer was purchased, but things tend to get a little busy around here and plans tend to get rescheduled a lot. People waiting for the next Lylian title would have gathered this by now.

I intend to post my failures and wins here among the regular Pixelpickle Games posts, about progress hereafter.

Lylian Fan Art Video!

Came across this fan art-video for Lylian this morning. A lovely spin out! And made my day. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shanghai World Expo 2010

Back in 2009-early 2010, Pixelpickle animated the characters in the Australian Pavilion for the Shanghai world Expo 2010.
you can watch the whole thing here. It's divided into the live experience, the mechanics under the stage, and the presentation laid out across three giant screens.

Chromamedia created the Act2 presentation for ThinkOTS.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ultimate Tease

Ashley Wood is currently showing off his works in Comicon. And along with it is a teaser for Popbot. It's short, simple, harsh, and awesome.