Saturday, July 30, 2011

Journal of a Smart Phone Dev Rookie - 001

I've finally come aboard the iPhone/iPad/Android developer scene. A few days ago I went to the apple site and filled out the application, and sent some requested information about Pixelpickle Games soon after.
I got an email this morning saying thanks for the information and to wait out, for further information.

As I wait I read up on Xcode, the limitations, hints and tips on iOS developing. I have probably clocked in 20 minutes of Mac OS use in my life (not including iPhone use), this it a big thing indeed.

A Mac hasn't been bought yet - I intend to buy a MacMini - waiting for the approval as a go ahead.

About a year ago a license to be an Android developer was purchased, but things tend to get a little busy around here and plans tend to get rescheduled a lot. People waiting for the next Lylian title would have gathered this by now.

I intend to post my failures and wins here among the regular Pixelpickle Games posts, about progress hereafter.

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