Thursday, November 17, 2011

Materials - Softimage - SSS with transparency

I've recently had to create a character and wanted to use SubSurface Scattering on it. But it also needed some transparency. Here's the Render Tree:

This particular character is also quite small and resides in the ocean, so it needed a little outline highlighting which was created using Incidence and Scalar2Color.

Here's the little fella:

Leafy Sea Dragons aren't really this transparent in real life, but it's a specific request by the client to fit in with their presentation.

Scripting - Softimage - Similar Name Selector

Here's a simple yet handy little Python script I created for Softimage.
Used to select all object with a similar name to the currently selected object.

si = Application
log = Application.LogMessage
oSel = Application.Selection

#select and split the selected object by its underscore '_'.
for sel in oSel:
n = sel.Name.split('_')
log (n[0])

#Use the selected object's first section and wild card '*' to select all similar named objects.

It is very limited but works well for my naming convention; all objects are named 'objectname_1', etc. It splits the selected object's name at the underscore '_' then choose all with a similar name before '_'.  Simple as that!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recent happenings

Contract work! Lots of it.

Tiny MM development is still in action. The next Lylian title is currently moving forward about half the pace of a snail.
Two major contract jobs are in the works. One is work on the next World Expo Australian Pavilion in Sth Korea. And the other is an intro animation to an awesome independent online MMO game.

Busy busy, enough to quench my workaholic needs.