Friday, August 24, 2012

Steam: Greenlight

Valve state that their Steam Greenlight system is slated to be up and running by end of August.

Pixelpickle Games will certainly be jumping on this bandwagon for the current title. It's one step towards Steam distribution and feedback from such a large community would be very welcome.
Greenlight, Unite, Indiepub, and various other site weblogs will be used regularly to spread the word!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Current ToDo list for Pixelpickle Games

Currently working at Animal Logic on The Great Gatsby
Beta evaluation of Crytek's CineBox software
Project for Resolution Independent, developing a comic app
Working on the first feature film made entirely in a game engine - Rezind
Working on animations for Creaky Corpse' latest game
Pixelpickle's new IP in development.

Now that I've written all that... it certainly looks like a lot of work ahead :o

Time to evaluate and plan

While working interstate, I have plenty of time in the evenings to ponder and plan in this small hotel room. The current Pixelpickle project is definitely in motion now. With illustrator Greg Taylor busy drawing concepts and illustrations of the protagonist and other features.
 A little early to show just yet, as I'm still working on the design doc. I'm very excited though. Beside the next Lylian title, this is something I'm looking forward to playing!

Current things in planning are:
    unit types
    unit balancing
    level design

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stay grounded

I tend to do most of my contract work from home or for small outfits, which is great. But once in a while I get employed by a large company which brings me up to date and reminds me how easy it is to fall behind when you work on your own. Having said that it's quite evident how much easier it is to upgrade your pipeline when you're a very small team. I'm currently working at Animal Logic, employed to animate in a bunch of final shots. These guys are super talented. Although there is a full team of programmers there working hard to update the scripts and pipeline, it would be very expensive to give the pipeline the overhual it needs. And tricky too, considering the constant workflow they have going. It's a great project and I'm learning a few things that will help in Pixelpickle projects.