Saturday, October 20, 2012

Game dev - A thing of Burden

It is time!

Actually I'm not sure why it wasn't time some time ago, but I'm ready to start sharing stuff - from our new project in development!

Burden, that's the name of the game. Called Burden for various reasons but being a burden to play is certainly not one of them!

A war has broken out in this land named Burden. Men are standing up against the
gods they believe use them as pawns for their own amusement. The oceans
around Burden steadily rise, leaving many cities drowning. A volcano swells and
causes devastation in the western corner, creating more chaos cracking the earth
up into the north.
Man is right to be angry with the gods, it would seem.

Greg Taylor is currently drawing up the concepts for the game. Designing the protagonist and creating some lovely illustrations to help reinforce ideas and spark new ones.

Two of the four element designs of the protagonist.

The game involves a lot of elemental effects and the protagonist uses these elemental powers to great effect. But they are only an addition to what is the main goal here. Escorting Giants.

Easy there big feller.

Your burden in Burden is to do as the gods bid - Escort their mules to and from various locations. Protect them from armies and villagers that believe these large monstrosities are only adding to the destruction of their land.

Oh the epic-ness! I need to lie down I'm so overwhelmed from such awesom-ness.

Well I hope these couple of images have whet your appetite for the moment as there will be many more post coming soon.

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