Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Game Dev - BEDIT (the Burden Editor)

Clinton - Programmer - is currently working on the level editor for Burden and kindly wrote up a list of where it's at.

BEDIT (the Burden Editor) currently allows the Level Designer to...
- create a "strip" of terrain that a Colossus will walk over from a list of prefabs (pre-made terrain blocks)
- place Carriers (such as airships, wagons, etc) which will spawn when the Colossus gets near and ferry Creeps to different boarding points on the Colossus (ankles, arms, back, etc).
- design Creep Waves, that allow for different patterns of enemies to be released from Carriers. Creep Waves can also override the "level" or toughness of an enemy in order to scale its difficulty up or down.
- save all the above data to a JSON file from within the Unity3D Editor, no need to build or manage a separate tool or application.

Still very early days, and I expect we'll continue to improve and develop it as the project progresses. Maybe even build a version for players to use if we can make it simpler and more user friendly.

Early editor stages of BEDIT in Unity3D

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