Monday, July 22, 2013

After PAX Australia

PAX Australia is over! And after three days + a day of press with our new publisher Surprise Attack - my voice is a bit croaky.

We showed off an early (pre-alpha) build of Burden at PAXAus the past three days and have received a lot of great feedback from people who gave it a play.
There's many things we didn't really give much thought about until the feedback came in. For example, some path choosing for the giants to follow.

We have a lot to do, so first at the top of the list.
The game is in pre-alpha, the first thing I want to jump into is the environments. it is all place holder at this time. I have big plans on less bloom, and nicer landscapes.
Get the other giants in and functioning.
Tidy the mechanics
Make the HUD much friendlier and precise.
Put the protagonist in the game!

I was really concerned about showing the game in its current state, but it has been very worthwhile and we've had the opportunity to personally meet a great gaming community.