Thursday, July 25, 2013

Burden Booth @ PAX Pictures

I Huge thanks to everyone that visited our booth (and checked out the game at the Surprise Attack booth too!) at PAXAus! The feedback we received was fantastic.

Sorry for the slow updates but I've had to jump back into contract work that was put on hold prior to PAXAus.

We're very pumped about the next stages and although it's a lot of work we are excited about potentially bringing out an alpha build in a couple of months time. We have quite a long list of emails we need to sort through for the alpha too!
Many people asked if we're going to try Greenlight, we will when we believe we have a worthy build of the game, we will need everyone's support to help us come out on top.

I hope everyone had a great time at PAX, there was a lot to see and do! Here's hoping we meet again at PAXAus 2014. Until then, keep checking up on us here, Twitter and Facebook. :)

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